Snake Short Film


A short film by Andy Serkis

Rupert Graves
Lorraine Ashbourne
Bev Willis



A surgeon cuts into a tattoo of a snake eating itself, triggering a terrifying memory. He's seen this tattoo before and his past is coming back to haunt him.

Seven years previously, Matt, a young struggling trainee doctor is at his wit's end. He's broke, exhausted, but is determined to become a qualified surgeon, at any cost.

Arranging a rendezvous with a hooker called "Jennifer", he sets off to a King's Cross hotel with a bag of medical equipment.

Waiting for him is Maurice, who sits in the bathroom with an organ donor box on his lap and two thousand pounds in an envelope.

Matt is going to drug Jennifer, take out her kidney and sell it to Maurice ,who's wife will die if she doesn't receive the transplant soon. At least that's the plan.

When Jennifer arrives, the plan blows up in Matt's face , the night spirals out of control and plunges into madness as each character tries to outwit each other for their own desperate needs. And just when the situation couldn't possibly get any more diabolical . . . it does. And Matt is forced into the most hideous moral dilemma imaginable.

Snake is a darkly comic tale about three ordinary people who will go to extraordinary lengths to get what they want. The question is, can they be blamed for it?

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Marice (Bev Willis) and Matt (Rupert Graves) prepare to operate on Jennifer (Lorraine Ashbourne)

Maurice (Bev Willis) waits in the bathroom

Matt and Jennifer

Rupert Graves as Matt in Snake

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