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Well... let’s see if it’s possible at any rate. The fact of the matter is that here I am, on my way to New Zealand to finish post production on Return of the King, well into the fifth year of being involved in this almighty mountain of a movie, and I’m seriously worried that the vivid memories that I thought would never leave me are already beginning to slightly melt into prehistory and personal legend, and I’m sure that certain events will exaggerate themselves in my mind and others will fade gently, but I’ll try to tell the truth at any rate.

I had always wanted to chronicle the journey of creating the character of Gollum, from the moment I started to try and unravel him, because one could sense very early on that this was going to be a very unusual acting challenge.

Let me get this straight, to avoid confusion, this account of taking Tolkien’s Gollum out of the books and onto the screen is mostly my personal story and focuses mainly on the actor’s journey and experiences . It goes without saying that Gollum was created by an army of immensely talented artists, animators, technicians, fellow actors, and perhaps most importantly great screenwriters and a genius of a director! and they will all have their own perspectives about bringing such a wonderful creation of literature to life. I have had the privilege of working with the world’s greatest in their fields, and have made wonderful friends. Gollum’s journey belongs to all of us.

See you on Mount doom!...My precioussss!

Andy Serkis


The Hobbit

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